TruLock S-2

Actuator locking device

TruLock S-2 is an updated version for control of hazardous energy. TruLock S-2 device allows for the ability to simply “Lock-out – Padlock” valve and actuators from Flow systems.

Function: Enables locking of the actuator in closed and open position.

WMTT-exclusive: The TruLock series-2 is designed to only fit original TT-Actuators C, E or S-type.

Standards:VDI/VDE3845, Namur

Padlock: Standard type, not included.

Available in Stainless steel or Zink plated

TruLock System


Type Actuator size Material
TLS8 TT8 Stainl. steel AISI304 TLS8-SS
TLS12 TT12 Stainl. steel AISI304 TLS12-SS
TLS20 TT20 Stainl. steel AISI304 TLS20-SS
TLS35 TT35 Stainl. steel AISI304 TLS35-SS
TLS55 TT55 Stainl. steel AISI304 TLS55-SS


Type Actuator size Material
TLS8 TT8 Zinc-plated steel TLS8-ZN
TLS12 TT12 Zinc-plated steel TLS12-ZN
TLS20 TT20 Zinc-plated steel TLS20-ZN
TLS35 TT35 Zinc-plated steel TLS35-ZN
TLS55 TT55 Zinc-plated steel TLS55-ZN